Q: Where do I purchase SantoLube products?

A: Please contact us for purchasing information for your area. A qualified representative will assist you.

Q: Which lubricants are formulated for general use?

A: Some formulated lubricants and fluids include Santolube 32, Santolube 150, Santolube 220 and Santolube RP-907. See Specialty Fluids & Greases for details.

Q: Which lubricants are Food-Grade formulated for food processing and production equipment?

A: Food-Grade lubricants and fluids include SantoTrac 332-FG. See Food-Grade Fluids & Greases.

Q: Is there a charge for an MSDS, Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Analysis?

A: No, we do not charge a fee for an MSDS, Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Analysis.

Q: How can I find out the price of a product?

A: Pleae call 864-596-1553 for a price quote, fax a quote request to: 864-208-1220, email: arch@santolubes.com.

Q: How soon can I expect to receive my purchase order?

A: We usually ship within two to four days after receiving and processing a purchase order.

Q: Do you accept credit card orders?

A: Yes, we accept major credit cards.

Q: Are SantoLubes LLC's products non-hazardous?

A: Yes, SantoLubes LLC's products are non-hazardous.